Welcome to our Fall Fundraiser!

Our current building is being reclaimed by our landlord and we will have to move our center to a new location by January 1st. The money from this fundraiser will go towards helping us with moving expenses, setting up the new space, and ensuring a seamless transition so we can keep bringing you donation based meditation and yoga, dharma talks and podcasts, and daily Zen in all the forms we can. We are hoping to raise $5000 by January 1st.

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Buddha always said that giving and receiving were inherently the same thing, so in that spirit we have thank you gifts for your donations:

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art prints.jpg

(All art is around 7”x7,” mounted, and individually stamped by the artist - available options in the galleries below)


Art Print

Print of your choice of original artwork by the monks of ACZC (as seen on our social media pages)


T Shirt

Official ACZC T-shirt. Available in S, M, L, or XL.


Print & T Shirt


Original Art

Original watercolor & sumi-e artwork of your choice by an ACZC monk


Full Package

T Shirt, 1 print, & 1 original artwork


Custom Artwork & T-Shirt

T Shirt plus custom artwork. Our monks will render a koan, quote, teacher, icon, or person of your choice into a piece just for you.


Once you’ve selected your donation amount, tell us which gift you would like in the form. For T-Shirts be sure to tell us what size. For artwork specify the title and “print” or “original” (available options in the galleries below).

Crowd Favorite Prints


All Available Artwork