Emily Eslami - Well, This is Uncomfortable (Death by Fire, Death By Ice)

“When it is cold, let it be so cold that it kills you. When it is hot, let it be so hot that it kills you.” - Dongshan

Be honest, how much of your life is uncomfortable? If you're paying attention (and anything like us), the answer is probably a good chunk of it. So it might be a good idea to get to know that discomfort, get good at it even, or better yet, get deeply and intimately comfortable with that discomfort. Luckily Emily is on the case, taking on the famous koan of looking for the place that is neither hot nor cold. But we'll just let Emily explain because she always has that way of boiling it down to what we need to hear:

   "Are we going to go through every winter and summer without experiencing winter and summer? Are we just going to go through every winter hoping for summer, and every summer praying for winter? Or are we going to sit and be in our summers and winters?”