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1st Official ACZC Summer No Talent Show!

Entertain us, don’t impress us.

Our first Official ACZC Summer No Talent show will be everything you’d expect from a Zen variety hour. Somewhere in between an open mic and stupid human tricks, it’s the show of the summer you don’t want to miss!

Throughout July we will be taking ideas for talentless performances in a hat (that anyone can perform given a week’s notice) that willing participants (that means you!) will be randomly assigned the week before to then prepare and perform for us on the big night. Maybe it’s a song, a dance, a poem, or a scene from your favorite movie or play. Whatever it is, it will turn out a bit silly and entertaining in ways no one intended. A no talent show is much like karaoke or zazen. Being good is not the point!

Later Event: July 29
Meditation & Discussion