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Gesshin Greenwood Book Release, Sit & Discussion

Join us for two rounds of meditation followed by a special presentation of Gesshin Greenwood's new book "Bow First, Ask Questions Later," hosted by Gesshin herself!

Bow First, Ask Questions Later: Ordination, Love, and Monastic Zen in Japan

"What happens when a liberal, free-spirited, modern American girl goes on a spiritual quest into structured, disciplined, traditional Japanese Zen life?

Gesshin Claire Greenwood was a liberal, free-spirited American girl who found meaning and freedom in disciplined, traditional Japanese Zen life. However, she came to question not only contemporary American values but also traditional monastic ones.

This book is about becoming an adult—about sexuality, religion, work, ethics, and individuality—but it is also about being a human being trying to be happy. Questioning is a theme that runs throughout the book: how can I be happy? What is true? What is authentic? The reader is invited along a journey that is difficult, inspiring, sad, funny, and sincere."

Earlier Event: May 11
Morning Meditation
Later Event: May 14
Q&A Night With Brad Warner