Brad Warner - Satipatthana Smackdown!

“It’s like you had a door that was stuck, and everyone was trying to figure out how to open the door. Then someone comes along and opens the door and everyone asks, ‘How’d you open the door??’ And he says “Well, I think I sort of leaned against the door jam, put my hand on the right, and kind of wiggled my hips back and forth, hit it once, and then pulled.” And everyone goes, “Ah! The Way To Open The Door is: Lean against the door jam, put hand on the right…” - Brad Warner

Brad Warner respectfully compares and contrasts the relative nuances of early Buddhist and Zen teachings on meditation. The sangha discusses guided meditation in Zen, sitting with emptiness vs self control, what’s the deal with chanting, whether we should use the breath as an anchor, Zen thoughts on love, why do sit with our eyes open, and why exactly do we face a wall?