Brad Warner - Revealing the Magic Trick (Q&A Night)

“Having the goal of not having a goal, if you actually go into it, is totally different from any other goal you might have.” - Brad Warner

A Q&A night w/ Brad Warner! Opening with a mini lecture on vaudeville and the three stooges, Brad takes his topics from the sangha including classics such as: 

  • I feel more detached after doing zazen, am I doing it wrong?

  • Are the Transcendental Meditation people having more fun than us, and does that make us better than them?

  • What are the pros and cons of Zen practice?

  • Is there any value to sutras that promise pie in the sky rewards for praying right?

  • and to round out the vaudeville theme, a comparison of how Houdini’s idea that revealing his tricks does nothing to spoil their magic is a similar magic to the one we perform here every week