Brad Warner - Q&A January 21st

The answer to your questions are all here! Brad takes questions from the internet and audience including classics such as:

“What are the Four Noble Truths, Eightfold path, and the Precepts?”

“Is the precept about being generous with the dharma the same thing as the Christian idea of good works?”

“What role can Zen play in the context of the Western world?”

“What’s the deal with the Heart Sutra, and what is that untranslated nonsense we chant at the end?”

“What we do when our zazen stops feeling ‘saucy?’ Is there such a things faking it in zazen?”

“Does attaining enlightenment in a dream count as attaining enlightenment?”

And “Why don’t we ever talk about all those lists of fundamental teachings that Buddha and the Theravadans say are so important?”

Answers to all this and more!